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Active Building Demonstrators

Around 40% of UK carbon emissions are linked to the built environment. Our ‘Active Buildings’ concept offers a solution to this problem by creating buildings that generate, store and release their own solar energy.

SPECIFIC’s demonstrator programme proves the Active Building concept in different building typologies, including the retrofit of an industrial warehouse, a new single storey classroom, and a new two-storey office. This is vital to enable the approach to be adopted widely by the construction sector, regulators and consumers. Working with partners, we aim to enable adoption of the Active Building concept, by steering project delivery teams through the process of designing, constructing and operating Active Buildings.

Ian Campbell, Executive Chair of Innovate UK:

“It’s difficult to overstate the potential of developing a building that powers itself. The concept could genuinely revolutionise not only the construction sector but completely change how we create and use energy, so the opening of the Active Office in Swansea is an exciting step forward. Developing technologies like those demonstrated in the SPECIFIC Active Office can play a strong role in the Government’s modern industrial strategy to create ‘clean growth’ and fulfil our mission to halve the emissions of new buildings by 2030”

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