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Embedding solar technologies into established building design and modelling processes is critical for wider adoption of the ‘Active Buildings’ concept.

Our building demonstrators provide a platform to test real-world performance of different solar energy technologies in an integrated system and how best to tune the individual systems to be most beneficial as a whole. Installation, operation and integration with existing building systems provides a demonstration and development platform for new and innovative building technologies.

By combining actual performance data from our buildings with weather and environmental data, we are able to make accurate predictions about solar energy generation and consumption. This information is used to determine control strategies and enhance energy performance in future building projects, for both SPECIFIC and our partners.

The development and validation of different control philosophies for building energy systems is a critical success factor in the identification of the most beneficial building operation methods and provides empirical data on operation that can be used to validate building models.

Research Lead: Dr Justin Searle

The active building have low carbon building energy systems
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