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The Active Classroom

The Active Classroom was built in 2016 to demonstrate the latest renewable energy technologies being developed at SPECIFIC and by collaborative companies. The project involved 20 companies working together to test 8 new products and construction techniques.

For the first time in the UK, an energy-positive teaching space was created that is controlled by one smart system. The Active Classroom demonstrates a truly innovative approach to designing and constructing buildings that significantly reduce the amount of energy used during both their construction and operation.

The Active Classroom gave researchers at SPECIFIC a unique opportunity to test their technologies on an occupied building. By proving the technology works in a controlled environment, it opens the doors to commercialisation by helping to de-risk products before they are taken to market. The project is ongoing and the 135 energy meters (each generating a number of data points) are analysed regularly to improve the building performance and provide insights for staff PhDs and others. 

Strategic Partners: TATA Steel, NSG, Akzo Nobel.

Project Suppliers: BIPVco, Matrix Structures, Moixa Technology, KIER, Redflow, Wind & Sun, Cardiff Metropolitan University, CB3 Consult, Victron Energy UK, Springvale, Vellacine, Smile Plastics, IPS Roofing, Aecom.