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‘A Low Carbon Pathway to 2030’ Consultation

This month, we organised an event in response to the Welsh Government Low Carbon Pathway Consultation. The event was held at the Senedd and was arranged to raise awareness of the key issues and how #ActiveBuildings can be part of the solution.

Context / Background:  Climate change is one of the biggest global challenges threatening Wales’ prosperity because it will have an impact on all of our lives. Wales is required by law to reduce its carbon emissions by at least 80% in 2050. This requires a step change to how we live and work and is not a standalone policy area. The global decarbonisation trajectory has been set, creating clarity and certainty to drive investment. This creates enormous economic opportunity for Wales. Everyone needs to act and accelerate a shift to Low Carbon Buildings and Transportation.

Our Approach: In the face of significant challenges for the construction, energy and transport sectors, the approach of SPECIFIC and the new Active Building Centre, is to link up these areas through the provision of “Active Buildings” which use building integrated solar energy and storage technologies to provide useful heat, power and transport at the point of use. This approach allows a flexible, smart infrastructure approach to be taken, where groups of buildings and vehicles can exchange energy to support balancing of the wider electrical system. This approach has significant benefits in terms of potential for economic growth as well as enabling a transition to localised, low carbon energy system, that are less reliant on large centralised power generators.

Critical challenges need to be addressed:

  • Cost of energy, consumer protection and security of supply whilst delivering clean smart flexible power.
  • Decarbonising heat in buildings and most industrial processes by at least 80% by 2050.
  • To open the energy market for flexible energy to benefit domestic and commercial scale end users.
  • Reducing carbon emissions and localised pollution associated with transportation. [….read full summary]

Overview of the Challenge – Kevin Bygate (SEPCIFIC)

Industry Perspective – Steve Smith (Tata Steel)

System Level Thinking – Andris Bankovskis (Independent Energy Consultant)

Key Messages – Jonathan Williams and Gill Kelleher (SPECIFIC IKC)


To view more pictures from the event, please head to our FLICKR page. 

Senedd Collage
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