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Celebrating SPECIFIC’s EV Champion, Nigel Morris.

Due to Government legislation and a ‘greener’ way of thinking amongst consumers, the electric car market is growing quickly. When comparing year-on-year data, September 2020 saw an increase of 184% in pure-electric registrations compared to hybrids (+56%), petrol (-21%), and diesel (-38%).

SPECIFIC supports this transition to decarbonizing transport. It aligns with our low carbon ‘Active Building’ design to generate, store and release energy at the point of use – whether within the building, to EVs or to support the grid.

As a result, we have a lot of passionate EV users and advocates at SPECIFIC…and leading the charge is Business Development Manager, Nigel Morris. Nigel was influential in introducing and running Swansea University’s – now 25 strong – EV fleet. He is also chair of the South West Wales Regional EV Infrastructure Public Service Board Group and the Low Carbon Swansea Bay EV Task Group – helping a range of public sector bodies to share knowledge and experience to resolve issues, and ultimately, help the wider adoption of EVs in the South Wales area.

His passion and experience have not gone unnoticed. Nigel has picked up numerous awards, including:

As well as being highly influential in aiding the University’s two FleetNews 2020 Awards:

  • ‘Best Travel and Mobility Initiative’
  • ‘Environmental Fleet Award.’

Many businesses are still wary of electric vehicles, due to uncertainty about range, charging and how they might fit into their day-to-day business. Through SPECIFIC, Nigel works with organisations to overcome obstacles / concerns by sharing firsthand experience. He commented:

“There are so many benefits to adopting EVs, apart from the obvious environmental benefits of improving local air quality, they are also smooth, quiet and have reduced running costs. Statistically, 80% of charging takes place at home, so now is the time to think about smart ways to charge EVs – using systems and controls to charge them when grid energy is cheaper or greener and help curb energy demand at peak times. Our Active Buildings are grid neutral for most of the year with enough surplus electricity to power an EV for 26,000 miles, presenting an exciting scalable option for larger or more numerous buildings.

If you have a technology or product related to smart EV charging, or would like advice around EV adoption, please get in touch Nigel Morris.

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