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Examining the stability of emerging PV technologies in Barcelona

SEPV (Stability of Emerging Photovoltaics) is a project that was started by Professor Monica Lira-Cantu (ICN2, ES) in collaboration with Dr Francesca Brunetti (CHOSE Rome) to examining the stability of emerging PV technologies.

The conference in Barcelona was the final event with the funding for the project coming to an end (with a bid in the pipeline). There were a full four days of talks many of which were live streamed so that people could watch even if they were not attending. Three members of the SPECIFIC team shared their knowledge,

Dr Francesca De Rossi presented her work on large scale perovskite modules and the stability of the carbon mesoscopic perovskite structure.  This was well received with many questions from the audience and two collaborations are ongoing as a direct result of the SEPV project.

Emily Speller presented her work on non-fullerene acceptors in OPV for enhanced stability and this was an obvious ‘hot topic’ among the OPV community with much anticipation for the publication of some of the work that was presented.

Dr Silvia Villarroya-Lidon (a Barcelona local) networked widely on the industrial front and relationships with Saule, Eight19 and Merck have been strengthened at the conference.

The quality of the talks was excellent [see the full program here] and I made a few new contacts, most notably Dr Guilia Grancini (EPFL) and Dr Lucia Serrano-Lujan (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) – all in all, a great event!

[To get in touch regarding any of the research at SPECIFIC, please email]

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