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Case Study: Improving Thermal Efficiencies in Buildings with the Port at Milford Haven


The Port of Milford Haven is a leading UK port handling over 30 million tonnes of cargo annually, with numerous buildings across their estate. SPECIFIC conducted thermographic surveys to assist with the prioritisation of improvements to the thermal performance of two of their buildings.

Despite recently replacing their heating system, the tenants of one building had raised concerns about low levels of thermal comfort in their office. A second building, which serves as the Port Authority’s headquarters, was also under review as it was considered to be thermally inefficient and in need of improvement.

Following completion of the surveys, SPECIFIC provided reports to highlight where improvements to the building fabric could be made and advised on potential energy performance upgrades.

Project partners: Port of Milford Haven


To carry out internal and external thermographic surveys of the buildings and report the findings in order to:

  • Establish whether the thermal performance of one of the modern buildings was under performing relative to neighbouring units.
  • Highlight weaknesses in the thermal envelope of the Port’s headquarters, to help the property management team decide which areas of the building would benefit most from thermal improvement.


The reports helped to:

  • Secure the installation of additional heating capacity to match the heat load for the office which was under performing, thereby improving user comfort.
  • Provide justification for where additional insulation should be installed in the Port’s headquarters and advise the estates team on various actions to increase energy saving in the building.

“The team from SPECIFIC carried out thermographic surveys on some of our buildings. Their knowledge, professional approach and detailed reporting was impressive. We used the information to improve energy efficiency and provision of heating on site”

Tam Bardell, Energy Development Manager, Port of Milford Haven

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