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Outreach at The Great Science Share

The Great Science Share is a national campaign to engage with young people in sharing science learning with new audiences. Last month, I attended Wales’ 1st satellite event which was held in the National Botanic Garden of Wales and attended by 250 pupils, teachers, researchers and scientists. I was there with other Swansea University colleagues following SPECIFIC’s interaction with the Garden on a demo building project. We presented some of the key technologies that were set to feature on future houses designed as Active Homes or Buildings as Power Stations; including solar modules of varying technologies, battery technology, heat generation and storage in many forms, and other emerging tech such as hydrogen generation, storage and use. And of course, we added in some engaging activities for the younger kids such as solar powered cars and a ‘spin the sun’ quiz!

Altogether approximately 100 secondary school pupils came to the stand in the Great Glass House and over 100 primary school pupils displayed their Space Day Science research to the scientists over lunch, including constellation projection, rocket dynamics and projectile mechanics!

It was a great day for science in general and I look forward to trying to inspire more students into STEM pathways in the future.

#GreatSciShare @ASECymru

[Written by Chris Weirman, SPECIFIC]

great science share

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