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SPECIFIC’s Perovskite Journey Vlog with Prof Trystan Watson

Perovskite solar cells are a relatively new breakthrough in photovoltaics, bursting onto the scene and rapidly advancing from lab scale all the way through to building demonstration size.

We join Professor Trystan Watson, our Printed Photovoltaics Research Lead to find out about what the SPECIFIC team are trying to achieve, how they do it and plans for the future. If you’d like to skip to a particular question, here are the timings:

0.10       Why solar cell research?

1.16       What is SPECIFIC’s goal for photovoltaic research?

2.01       Where does SPECIFIC fit in the general landscape of photovoltaic research?

3.30       What sparked your interest in perovskite solar cells?

4.39       Is there anything unique about the way SPECIFIC has tackled scaling up perovskites?

5.40       How has collaboration helped?

6.45       How much progress has been made? And what are your future plans?

7.52       Why do you think the SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre works?

8.41       What else has helped your research over the years?

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