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Vlog: How SPECIFIC is Helping an Adaptive Surf School to Run More Sustainably

Surfability UK is a Community Interest Company that provides surfing lessons and experiences for people with additional needs. SPECIFIC’s Business Development Manager Chris Bailey tells us about how SPECIFIC is helping them run more sustainably.

0:05 – Please introduce yourself and your role in SPECIFIC

Hi, my name’s Chris Bailey, and I’m a Business Development Manager for SPECIFIC.

0:13 – Could you tell us about Surfability and what they do?

Surfability is a Community Interest Company that provides surfing lessons and experiences for people with additional needs.They recently moved to a bespoke, state of the art building, which was donated through a charity project. This building incorporates renewable energy technology, and Surfability would like to learn more about how these systems work, how to run more sustainably, and maxisimise the benefit of having these systems at their disposal.

0:41 – How is SPECIFIC involved?

SPECIFIC is able to help Surfability to better understand how their building works, including energy flows, through the energy generations, storage, and release technologies.We will help them to take ownership of their energy data, and to utilise that to enhance their energy savings through maximised self-consumption, carbon emission reduction, and new services offered. This will include creating a way to visualise that data so they can share it with their stakeholders.

1:10 – What’s next for the collaboration?

Given the nature of Surfability’s work, they are also presented with the challenge of drying lots of wet equipment, indoors and usually overnight, in their kit room. Dehumidification would work well here to help reduce moisture levels in the building, which could result in damp over time. And we can help to understand the energy implications of running this equipment, and how best to utilise the available renewable energy from the solar PV, battery storage, and air source heat pump to support this.

1:42 – How else can SPECIFIC support businesses?

SPECIFIC is funded to support businesses through collaborative research and development projects, exploring renewable energy technology solutions and data within the built environment and transport. We have several demonstrator buildings of our own which are used as educational tools for industry, working demonstration platforms for new technology and for collaborative project space. If you would like to discuss your idea with SPECIFIC and see how we can help, then please get in touch with the details provided.

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