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Showcasing SPECIFIC’s Business Collaborators & Innovative Projects

To celebrate SPECIFIC’s collaborations with SMEs and other forward-thinking organisations during our 10th anniversary campaign we organised three 30 minute webinars alongside our partners.

Each webinar showcased two collaborative projects, told from the perspective of our business partners. The short talks followed one of our core themes and how the partnership with SPECIFIC has helped to:

Bring a product to market – Thurs 20th May @ 11am

Hear how we’ve worked with Biofresh Group Ltd to bring a novel decontamination system to market, as well as work with Solapak Development Ltd to develop a remote monitoring system for PV and batteries at milk cooling centres in Rwanda.

Run more sustainably – Thurs 27th May @ 11am

Hear how we’re planning on helping Surfability understand and utilise their solar tech, as well as how we’re working with Transport for Wales to investigate the viability of solar-run railway platforms.

Improve existing products or processes – Thurs 3rd June @ 11am

Hear how we’ve helped to test and improve smart sockets from and how we plan to work with carbonTRACK Ltd‘s intelligent energy managementsystems.

Webinar 1: Bringing a product to market w/ Solapak and Biofresh

Webinar 2: Running more sustainably w/ TfW and Surfability

Webinar 3: Improving an existing product or process w/ Measurable & carbonTRACK

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