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dr bruce philip

Senior Technology Transfer Fellow – Construction Integration

Bruce returned to education as a mature student after approximately ten years working in the construction, agricultural and automotive industries, from which he gained a great deal of experience and a broad range of skills. He attained an honours degree in Materials Engineering at Swansea University, followed by an industry sponsored doctorate investigating the application of functional, photovoltaic coatings to metal substrates. After graduating, Bruce joined Tata Steel’s process development group, where he worked for two years on process line modification and optimisation projects.

He joined SPECIFIC in 2011, to pursue his ambition for energy reduction in the built environment. Here he lead a project investigating the application of conductive coatings for space heating applications, working in collaboration with industrial partners to develop a heated structural flooring element which has been demonstrated at building scale.

He was involved in the design, installation and refinement of heating and solar thermal systems in both the Active Classroom and Active Office demonstrator buildings and retrofitting of solar thermal and electrical heating systems to the Solar Heat Energy Demonstrator (SHED).

In addition to this Bruce has provided assistance to a number of companies, performing thermal analysis of building heating systems, building thermography surveys and providing testing of low temperature infra-red heating panels, based on the methodology described in BS EN 60675-3, using SPECIFIC’s climatically controlled room.

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