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Principal Investigator

Management Team

Research Theme Leads

Business Development


Building Energy Systems

Dr Joanna Clarke, Design Manager

Dr Bruce Philip, Senior Technology Transfer Fellow – Construction Integration

Dr Justin Searle, Building Energy Systems Research Lead

Electrical Energy Storage

Dr Jenny Baker, Electrical Energy Storage Research Lead

Celina Vania Dlofo, PhD Student, Solid State Electrolytes for Batteries

Thermal Energy Storage

Dr Bahaa Abbas, Technology Transfer Fellow

Dr Jonathon Elvins, Thermal Energy Storage Research Lead

James Pearson, Support Technician

Dr Geraint Sullivan, Technology Transfer Fellow

Printed Photovoltaics

Hind Alsayyed, PhD Student, Fabrication and Characterisation of Semi-transparent Organic Solar Cells

Rokas Apanavicius, MSc Student, Solution Processable Solar Cells Under Mimic Mars Environment

Professor Matt Carnie, Photovoltaic Materials, Thermoelectrics & Device Physics Lead

Dr Ram Datt, Research Officer, Organic Photovoltaics

Professor Matthew Davies, Applied Photochemistry & Circular Economy Lead

Alexander Doolin, PhD Student, Stability and Sustainability of Perovskite Photovoltaics

Dr Rodrigo García Rodríguez, Technology Transfer Fellow

Dr Declan Hughes, Research Assistant, Perovskite Solar Cells Under Mimic Aerospace Applications

Dr Rafael Martí Valls, Technology Transfer Fellow

Dr Ershad Parvazian, Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Michael Spence, PhD Student, Silicon-perovskite Tandem Solar Cells

Dr Logu Thirumalaisamy, Newton International Fellow

Dr Wing Chung Tsoi, Organic Photovoltaics & Perovskites Research Lead

Professor Trystan Watson, Photovoltaics Scale-Up Research Lead

Dr Carys Worsley, Postdoctoral Researcher, Printed Mesoscopic Carbon Perovskite Solar Cells

Industrial Coatings

Dr Eifion Jewell, Industrial Coatings Research Lead

Dr Sarah-Jane Potts, Technology Transfer Fellow

Dr Chris Batchelor, Technology Transfer Fellow

Thermoelectrics Energy Capture

Professor Matt Carnie, Photovoltaic Materials, Thermoelectrics & Device Physics Lead