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dr carys worsley

Postdoctoral Researcher

Carys looking at new solvent

Carys is a postdoctoral researcher in Professor Trystan Watson’s research group working on printed mesoscopic carbon perovskite solar cells (CPSCs).

Her work is focussed on optimising CPSC performance and stability using sustainable, scalable methods.  This includes exploring alternative solvent systems, perovskite formulations, interlayer materials and device treatments for enhancing the devices and making them easier to scale up. Her work has led the team to adopt a non-toxic green solvent (γ-valerolactone) for CPSC fabrication, which has made module production safer and more sustainable. She has experience in a variety of testing and characterisation techniques, including cross sectional infiltration analysis, X-ray diffraction, UV-vis spectroscopy, and contact angle testing.

Before starting her PhD Carys completed a masters’ degree (MChem) at the University of Bath, where she helped work on developing liquid crystal templates for producing ultrathin metal nanowires.

Areas of Interest

  • Lead halide perovskites and performance enhancing additives
  • Carbon cell infiltration
  • Green solvents
  • Solvent engineering for printed photovoltaics
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