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Materials – It’s What We Do

MATERIALS@SWANSEA is a project cluster focussed on the decarbonisation of buildings and industry, with expertise in metals; alloys; coatings; energy generation, storage and systems.

At Knowledge Transfer Network UK and Innovate UK‘s Materials Research Exchange in London last month, we brought 11 other Materials Engineering projects from Swansea University to exhibit as a group for the first time.

The collaboration displayed our key strengths:

Swansea University was established by industry in 1920 to benefit the region, and MATERIALS@SWANSEA still has strong, established relationships with businesses, research organisations and local leadership which drive innovation in these fields. We work with over 100 partners and are keen to develop more, and the two-day exhibition gave us a chance to build these relationships in order to share expertise and access to facilities. At the event, we discussed our work with lots of people, including UK Government officials – such as Lord Whitby – as well as researchers from other UK academic institutions and industry experts.

“We’re developing technologies that are scalable, are able to be introduced to the economy and will realise the direct benefits to the UK” – Professor Cameron Pleydell-Pearce

Prof Cameron Pleydell-Pearce chaired the Materials for Transforming Construction Q&A session, with a panel made up of Dr Justin Searle, Prof Dave Penney and Prof Steve Brown from Swansea University, Byron Tucker and Dr Laura Baker from TATA Steel, and Rob Ireson from Glass Technology Services. They discussed the challenges of decarbonisation for the UK economy and how materials can solve some of these issues, as well as the opportunities the construction industry have to make a change, including Active Buildings.

See you at Materials Research Exchange 2022!

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