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Megan Chick

Launching an EPSRC programme grant during lockdown

EPSRC Programme Grants are mechanisms to provide flexible funding to world-leading research groups to address significant major research challenges. This represented a great opportunity for Swansea University to strengthen links with other academic partners and to receive greater visibility and recognition at both a national and international level. In March 2020, we heard the wonderful news from EPSRC that our programme grant was to be funded.

Solar Thermal & Solar PV System

Our SHED is home to a test-rig that analyses five commercially available and emerging PV and solar thermal technologies. The data provides an understanding of performance in a natural environment – such as cloud cover, insulation or precipitation – which enable us to choose the right technology for buildings of the future.

Solar Heat Storage

SPECIFIC is researching solar heat storage options to solve the biggest challenge in providing affordable low carbon energy: heating space and water.