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Sêr Solar Vlog – Fostering Excellent Photovoltaic Research Capacity in Wales

The £7million Sêr Solar project was launched in 2013, led by Professor James Durrant (Imperial College London). Professor Durrant was appointed as Sêr Cymru Research chair in photovoltaics as part of the Welsh Government’s drive to attract world class researchers to Wales.

Together with Professor Jenny Nelson (Imperial College London) and Professor Dave Worsley (SPECIFIC, Swansea University) leading the team, Sêr Solar was established to foster excellent research capability in Wales in the area of photovoltaics.

The project was a success, helping to attract over £40million of government funding to Wales. Significant technological advancements were also made, including the first A4 size perovskite module with enhanced stability and improved performance, excellent efficiencies attained for organic and perovskite cells for indoor use and the establishment of a new research area focused on perovskite solar cells for Space applications.

Take a look at our Sêr Solar project video to find out more…

0.40 What was the aim of Sêr Solar? Professor James Durrant

1.53 How did Sêr Solar establish itself as an internationally recognised photovoltaic research cluster? Professor Trystan Watson

3.10 How did Sêr Solar fit in with the aims of the Ser Cymru programme of attracting research talent to Wales? Professor Dave Worsley

3.34 How has Sêr Solar contributed to personal development within the team? Dr Matthew Davies, Professor Trystan Watson

4.50 How has Sêr Solar helped establish new research areas? Dr Wing Chung Tsoi

5.31 How has Sêr Solar contributed to the photovoltaic scale up facilities? Dr Cecile Charbonneau

6.33 How important has collaboration been to the project? Dr Silvia Villarroya-Lidon

7.27 How has Sêr Solar and SPECIFIC worked together? Professor Dave Worsley

8.02 What do you feel were the key factors in Sêr Solar’s achievements publishing papers? Dr Matt Carnie

8.27 What progress was made during the project? Dr Silvia Villarroya-Lidon

9.24 Has Sêr Solar made a difference to Swansea? Professor James Durrant

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