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How SPECIFIC works with business: A Q&A vlog w/ Chris Bailey

In our first ever vlog, we chat to one of SPECIFIC’s Business Development Managers about how we work with businesses across the UK, and some of the projects were currently involved in.

Don’t have time to watch the full 15 minutes? Then skip to the questions that interest you most:

00:05 Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about SPECIFIC

02:27 How do you work with businesses across the UK?

04:10 How has lockdown effected ‘business as usual’ at SPECIFIC?

05:45 Can you tell us a bit more about the Transport for Wales (TfW) project?

08:04 Do you have another collaborative project example?

10:10 How can businesses work with SPECIFIC?

12:40 In your opinion, what’s the biggest challenge to achieving net zero?

14:36 Have you spotted any new exciting solar technologies recently?

16:07 Thanks, and get in touch!

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